About Us

Our Vision

We believe the Fulcrum Performance system will grow to become the standard for sports and human performance testing for school age youth, specializing in injury prevention and return to play protocols. 

We seek to partner with parents, schools, clubs and medical communities to provide the necessary data required to monitor and respond to the numerous physical, mental and emotional realities challenging school age youth; and to create a secure platform where all three communities can share information and ideas, working together towards providing better short and long term care. 

Core Values

 We set high value on everyone we encounter; a value that is set and cannot be changed (Imago Dei). For that reason, we will always operate with passion, operate in excellence and be motivated by love for others - pushing to be our best selves and promoting the same in others.


                                      Our Mission

We are committed to using science and technology to improve the overall performance and safety of athletes. We are focused on bringing out the best in athletes helping them master themselves and their game. 


Dr. Chuck Morris

 Fulcrum Performance is a culmination of over 20 years of experience and thousands of clients coached by Chuck Morris, Ph.D., a sports scientist, who has a track record of expertise in sports performance. He has helped athletes at all levels reach great heights in their careers over the past two decades. 

Dr. Morris, affectionately known as "Coach Chuck", has impacted over 5,100 clients including, but not limited to, multiple first round NFL drafts picks, several MVPs, a Super Bowl Champion, World Champions and an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Dr. Morris, is also a nationally recognized speaker and a top expert in wellness and sports performance. He is known for his electrifying and motivating content, and his innate ability to make very complex concepts simple to understand.