Fulcrum Performance Lab



We are the only sports performance company in the area who possesses the expertise to make athletes better, stronger and faster at a science level. Our performance lab contains the only technology that can accurately measure performance, assist in injury prevention, and determine if the athlete's readiness. 

Performance Testing

In the Fulcrum Performance Lab, we will test the athlete to determine their strengths, weaknesses, and what specifically needs to be addressed and improved - beyond strength and flexibility. Using the most advanced, state of the art technology available for human performance testing, we can identify what injuries are most probable and what needs to be addressed to prevent them. 

Movement Mapping

Our lab testing provides real-time bio-mechanical data using 3D functional movement, 3D posture, 3D balance and 3D range of motion. We perform a 360 degree body mapping capturing the degrees of change and movement patterns that cannot be seen with the human eye.

Professional Performance Training

Sparta Force Plate

3D Mapping

ARX Phase 3