Speed and Agility Training

Speed, agility and quickness  have become buzzwords for sport performance training - but not at Fulcrum Performance.  We have 25 years of proven results of helping athletes at the highest level improve.

We use the most advanced and cutting-edge technology and methods to design our clients' programs. Our clients range from local talent to many professional athletes, and even Gold Medal Olympians. No matter the level and ability, we strive to help you become better.   

Speed & Agility 101

Speed & Agility 101 is our developmental program for athletes who require more foundation skill mastery. This class is for athletes in grades 5 through 8.

Speed & Agility 201

Speed & Agility 202 athletes must have a higher level of fundamental mastery identified through our assessment protocols. This class is for athletes in grades 9 through 12.


In addition to attending Speed & Agility classes, athletes have the option to participate in a one-day a week strength training session - the Performance portion of Speed and Agility.